Business Leadership – Beating Competition At Their Game

business leadership

There are two ways to look at business leadership - Leadership within your organization or within your business and leadership in terms of your industry.

Let's start with organizational leadership.

Business leadership in terms of your organization is pretty straightforward. You need leaders who will deliver the business objectives and grow the organization's people to meet the challenges peculiar to your industry.

The goal of every business is not simply to survive but to be profitable. Profit comes from doing the right things . . . investing in the right people, the right process, the right technology, the right products, and the right business model or strategy.

For that to happen, you need someone at the top of the organization who understands what it takes for a business to win and who is passionate about winning.

But it goes beyond that.

The leadership should not only be passionate about winning, but also has the knowledge and skill-set required to win in today's cut-throat winner-takes-it-all competitive marketplace. That means the leadership of the organization must be selfless people well grounded in the business of making a business succeed.

The leadership of the business must be people with . . .

  • the required leadership training
  • the required experience
  • the requisite attitude
  • the requisite personality
  • It's important to recruit the right leader because everything rises and falls on the leader. The leadership makes or breaks the organization because it is the right leadership that will . . .

  • employ the right people
  • create the right organizational structure . . . the organization structure that supports growth
  • create the right policies
  • create the right business culture
  • develop the right business strategy

    It is obvious that the right business leadership is absolutely essential to business success.

    The second aspect of business leadership is closely related to the first.

    For an organization to be the leader in the industry it belongs, it has to stay competitive. To be the leader, you have to . . . lead.

    Leadership in business, in this sense, means being the leader in your sector of the market or your industry. Obviously, this does not happen by chance.

    Are there organizations that are followers?

    Of course, yes.

    There are organizations or businesses that follow the latest trend. They are not innovative in the accepted sense of the word. They do not define the pace of things. They are not at the forefront of breakthroughs. They watch the market, then follow what's popular.

    You can't lead that way.

    Business leadership is not about buying the latest technology either. Neither is it about investing in the latest scientific breakthroughs.

    Business success is about having the right leadership team who develop cutting edge state-of-the-business business strategies that dramatically grows the bottom line . . . profits.

    How do you achieve that?

    Employ the right leader. Develop the right attitude to succession planning. Identify high flyers or exceptionally talented individuals within and outside the organization. Then groom them to leadership positions.

    Want to be the reference point in your industry?

    Invest in your people.

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