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This page provides technology news as it breaks. This news page is provided in conjunction with - the world's largest search engine.

What does that mean for you?

Simply put . . . it means you get technology breaking news. That, in turn, means you get a good chance to beat competition hands down.

Wait. Isn't this a leadership management site? What has it got to do with technology news?

Everything. How?

Think about it. Leaders provide direction for the business. They harness people skills to maximize organisation efficiency and profits. But an employee can do only so much without the right technology.

The right technology often results in greater efficiency and product quality that lead to savings that impact directly and positively on the bottom line.

For example, the company where I work invested in a state-of-the-art cocoa-based beverage processing plant a couple of years back.

The old technology that was in use had been with the company for over thirty years. It was a batch process that was tedious and labour intensive. It was time to change.

In deciding to change, the company executives chose a continuous cocoa-based beverage production process with higher output per hour and that was labour efficient. In fact, the old process labour was five times the labour requirement of the new process. And the output per man of the new process plant was 7.6 times that of the old process.

What accounts for the difference?

Technology change.

Bottom line.

If you desire to be a business leader and to dominate your industry, you must keep a close eye on technology news. You must of necessity search for technological breakthroughs that can help your organisation cut production or manufacturing cost and offer your products or services at a competitive price to customers.

The goods news is that you don't have to search loads and loads of web pages to get the news you need to make a difference in your organisation. Everything you need is right here.


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