Teamwork - Team Work Is The Backbone Of Effective Leadership


Teamwork is the engine that drives effective leadership. In fact, you can say it is the backbone of effective leadership.

When employees imbibe the spirit of team work in the organization, they move from 'me' to 'us'. Their mindset shift from just thinking about their personal gain to the benefit of the larger society - the organization and its people. When that shift in mindset occurs, the organization benefits.

So, what is team work?

The term consist of two words . . . team and work. To understand the concept, let's take the words in isolation.

A team refers to a group of people who come together formally or informally as a result of shared goals.

Work refers to the fact that a task is to be accomplished.

Now let's combine the words. So, what is teamwork?

It is the collaborative, cooperative, and supportive spirit within a group of people working together to achieve a common goal.

What is the value of this concept?

Well, it is obvious that a disunited team will dissipate so much energy fighting each other that they have little left to actually grow the business.

You have heard the saying, "united we stand, divided we fall".

You have also heard the saying, "A house divided against itself cannot stand".

Both statements above are true.

A group of employees that lack team spirit is a group of employees that will lead the business to catastrophe. Show me a company with disgruntled and disunited workforce, and I will show you a company on its way to failure.

It is true: teamwork is the backbone of effective leadership.

In simple terms . . . if you want to succeed at leadership, you have to deliberately and consciously structure your organization to promote team spirit. A divisive spirit will eventually lead to failure.

Do a self-examination. Take a critical look at your organization.

1. What team building activities or team building exercises have you taken your people through lately?

2. What have you done lately to dislodge and dismantle the spirit of individualism within your organization?

3. Does your organizational culture promote "meism"?

Make no mistake about it.

You do not need superstars with individualistic thinking within your organization to succeed. You need a dream team . . . a team where team members collaborate, support and educate each other and help each other to success. When the team succeeds, the business succeeds.

Promote team work. Promote team spirit.

Assemble the best people for your organization. Then coach them to win as a team. That is what you need to succeed.

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