Definition of Motivation - What Is Motivation? What Is It Worth?

definition of motivation

Definition of motivation - What is motivation? How would you define motivation?

In simple terms, motivation is the process of boosting the morale of employees to encourage them to willingly give their best in accomplishing assigned tasks.

Employee motivation is key to achieving extraordinary results.

Let me say that bluntly . . . you cannot succeed at leadership if your employees are demotivated or disgruntled.

What will happen if they are? Why should you care if they are motivated or not?

Simple. You will fail as a leader if your most important resource . . . your people . . . have low morale.

To start with, . . .

  • they will not contribute as they ought to because they are disinterested
  • They will work with their hands and not their heads
  • they will not display any sort of initiative (why should they when the company they work for does not care?)
  • there will be high level of absenteeism
  • the number of sick leave (or sick off) will increase
  • people will find all kinds of excuse not to report to work
  • productivity will deep and
  • there may be outright sabotage of your efforts

    Trust me, you don't want a disgruntled group of workers in your team. It's tough enough to try to make a business profitable. If you compound that with de-motivated workforce, you're in for deep trouble.

    I will say this loud and clear . . . employee motivation is key to leadership success.

    If your workforce aren't excited about their work for whatever reason, you will have a herculean task trying to make the business profitable.

    The truth is . . . great companies are built by motivated employees. And the difference between a good company and a wildly profitable company is . . . the people. People make the difference.

    Effective leaders invest heavily in people development.

    So, how do you motivate your people?

    There are several motivation techniques. However, before exploring the motivation techniques, first understand that there are two types of motivation . . . intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. And the motivation techniques you apply differ for each scenario.

    Bottom line.

    Motivation at work or motivation in the workplace is a delicate subject. You need to understand that. And what works today may not work in six months because of the constantly evolving dynamics of business.

    Nevertheless, the basic principle behind motivation theory remains constant. Understand the definition of motivation above and understand the principle behind it.

    Yes, your approach to employee motivation may vary with time, but the truth is . . . you must constantly and continuously motivate your people to succeed as a leader.

    Never ever loose sight of this.

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