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business management

The goal of business management is to maximize the organization's profit by utilizing time-tested management principles in unique and creative ways specific to the needs of the organization.

The bottom line in any profit-oriented business is to maximize profit. Even non-profit organizations have goals. And part of that goal is to manage the organization's resources effectively. For that to happen, you must have in place the right leadership.

The right leadership will . . .

  • Employ the right people
  • Establish the right business culture
  • Invest in the right business technology
  • Motivate people the right way
  • Grow people along the right career path
  • Develop and sustain a winning spirit among team members
  • Ensure seamless succession planning and execution and
  • Support unfettered growth

    Effective business management doesn't happen by accident. It happens by design.

    I have mentioned the need to have the right leadership at the helm of affairs. That is non-negotiable.

    Leaders should not be appointed on the basis of religion, ethnicity, language or colour. Leaders must be appointed on the basis of merit and merit only.

    You need to consider the appointee's . . .

  • Background
  • Track record in terms of performance
  • Training and
  • relationship with people

    If the potential leader is lacking some foundational business leadership traits, then he needs to be given the adequate executive coaching to succeed at his new assignment. Otherwise you're preparing him for failure.

    The truth is . . . leadership is no easy task. Everything rises and falls on the leader. The business or business unit fails or succeeds depending on the leader.

    Since businesses are set up to make profit and not to get involved in dangerous, profit draining trial-and-error leadership experiments, it's important that the leadership question is answered correctly the first time.

    So, what are the critical ingredients for effective business management? What are the important management tools required by the leader to make sound judgment and lead the business on the path to unbridled profitability?

    The management tools include:

  • behavior management principles
  • change management principles
  • anger management principles
  • conflict management principles
  • negotiation principles
  • consumer relationship management
  • stress management principles
  • workforce management principles
  • strategic management principles
  • Decision making principles
  • Human resource management principles
  • financial management principles
  • marketing management principles
  • sales management principles
  • supply chain management principles
  • Succession planning

    . . . and more - much more.

    The list above is not exhaustive. New management strategies keep coming up. Better ways to do things are always on the horizon. An effective leader needs to be aware of the changes in the business environment and adapt accordingly.

    That is the path to business management success.

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