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change management

Change management is a management approach to implementing change in an organization. However, if the change process is poorly managed, it can lead to business failure.

Everyone agrees that change is the only constant thing in life. So, most businesses think it's okay to want to change from ABC to XYZ. But it's ridiculous to change just for the sake of change. As noted above, change can lead to business catastrophe if not well articulated and backed with accurate data.

That is where change management comes in.

So, what is this concept all about?

Change management is the process of engineering change in an organization's processes or procedures by using time-tested management principles to reach sound business decisions based on quantitative and qualitative analysis and risk assessment.

A key ingredient of the qualitative factors are issues related to employee buy-in, motivation, and environmental issues.

You already know what management is . . . the process of achieving organizational objectives through coordinating, leading, and directing organizational resources. The management of change involves deploying those management principles to ensure a seamless change from one system to another.

A note of warning here.

Expect some level of resistance to the change or changes you propose no matter how ingenious your proposal is and no matter how noble your cause is.


The simple truth is . . . people are resistant to change. And often, for no good reason except for the same old drab reason, "this is how we have always done it. This is how we want to continue to do it".

A leadership that desires prosperity for his organization must of necessity change. If you continue to do things the way you've always done them, you will continue to get the same poor results you've always got.

You cannot afford not to be competitive in this age and time. Today, the fast eat the slow and the big eat the small.

Bottom line.

Change or die. Get competitive or get run over. Grow or get bought over.

You cannot afford not to change!

But you're facing resistance to change . . . your people are resisting the change you have proposed. And they are doing it passionately and almost violently.

You're in a dilemma. Why can't they just understand that this change will benefit them? Why are they so short-sighted and hard-headed?

Call them whatever name you like, but if they're not with you wholeheartedly on this change journey, it's bound to fail.

So, how do you make change happen?

You have a conflict of interest in your hands and you need to understand the principles of conflict management and conflict resolution to move the business forward in the direction of business success.

This is where your leadership skills are put to the test. This will make or break your career.

Remember . . . you can't change the company the way you can as a leader if you're no longer the leader. And you're bound to lose your leadership position if the conflict situation continue for longer than necessary . . . if the situation begins to endanger the bottom line.

So . . . you must act FASTER THAN FAST!

Fortunately, you have come to the right place. I can help you through your crisis situation with some sound . . .

  • Crisis management tips
  • conflict management tips
  • Conflict resolution tips and
  • Change management tips (so you don't get into this situation again)

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