Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is a management philosophy that requires that organizations constantly assess the way things are done within the organization to determine areas where further improvements can be made.

This philosophy recognizes that change is the only constant thing in life. And to stay competitive, organizations must deliberate seek change . . . change that makes the organization slimmer and smarter.

Continuous improvement efforts are often focused around key measurement indices such as:

1. Waste reduction

2. Productivity e.g. increasing output per man

3. Efficiency

4. Speed

5. Cost reduction

6. Profit growth

7. Process time reduction

8. Cycle time improvement

9. Product quality

10. Service time

11. Waiting time

Continuous improvement is the way to go if your organization wants to still be relevant in the next decade or two.

Your organization must develop a culture of making things better. And it starts with the way you recruit people and the performance management objectives your organization has in place.

The leadership of the organization must challenge people to continuously improve the way things are done. And adherence to this philosophy should be a criteria for remaining in the business. Slimmer, smarter, customer focused . . . that is the way to go.

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