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Effective leadership is about delivering results. And that is what organizations want . . . Results.

If you're a leader and you're not getting the desired results, you're sitting on a time bomb. sooner than later, your organization will get tired of your excuses and they will show you the way out.

This is not a threat. It is the honest down-to-earth truth.

Organizations are set up for a purpose. The organization then appoints a leader to harness the competencies of the organization's human and material resources to achieve the set goals of the organization. And if the goals aren't being achieved after a reasonable period of time, the organization looks for a new leader.

This is the case whether the organization is a profit-oriented organization or a non-profit organization.

Organizations are crazy for results!

And it is the leader who stirs the ship of the organization to get the desired results. For that to happen, the leadership provided by the leader MUST be effective leadership.

What is effective leadership?

Effective leadership is leadership that effectively manages the day-to-day conflict within the organization and the organization's environment and maximize the potential of the organization's people to achieve the set goals and objectives of the organization.

That is a pretty long definition. Let's break it down.

First, understand that there are conflicts within each organization and those conflicts can inhibit the organization's ability to grow and prosper.

Second, understand that the organization does not exist in isolation. The organization's environment (for example, government policies) can stifle the organization's ability to meet it's goals.

Third, understand that growth sometimes requires major changes in the organization's culture, structure, and approach to business. And those changes may be violently opposed by some members of the organization.

Fourth, understand that the leader, YOU, also have limitations. You can make mistakes. You may lack the critical piece of the jigsaw puzzle to close the gap between theory and practice. You may not have all the answers.

Fifth, you may have members of your team who have answers to burning questions . . . questions that keep you awake at night. But these folks are either too arrogant to share or too full of themselves to care. These opinion leaders have the critical mass of the people on their side. You as the leader does not . . . at least not yet.

This is where you fail or succeed.

Leadership that is effective manages all of these conflicts to achieve the desired results.

Result-oriented leaders don't give excuses. They deliver results.

How do you become an effective leader?

Leadership is both art and science.

The science of leadership - understand leadership theory, the critical knowledge required to manage people.

The art of leadership - understand people and how to connect with them emotionally.

The leader who is effective has emotional connection with his people. He possesses emotional intelligence. He connects with people deep inside. And so, they do what's necessary to make him deliver results.

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