Essential Leadership Traits - Defining Attributes of An Effective Leader

leadership traits

Leadership traits are a set of behaviours or attributes that characterise an effective leadership. These leadership attributes are essential for success.

Let me be frank with you.

Leadership is not easy. It's actually easier to follow than to lead. Why?

Because a follower simply follows instructions. If things don't work out the way they should, the follower cannot be blamed if he has done what he was instructed to do.

The leader takes responsibility for the success or failure of his team. If his team wins, he is a happy man. On the other hand, if his team loses, he may end up with a scar he will nurse for a long long time.

In view of this, it is essential to understand the leadership traits that leads to success. And then use that knowledge to develop your innate skills to match the essential success bound leadership attributes.

The essential traits are . . .

1. Commitment - A true leader gets involved. He seeks to make a difference. He goes beyond the assigned tasks. He wants the team to succeed. And he shows it by words and actions.

2. Selflessness - A true leader is selfless. He does not seek personal gain. He does not look for opportunities to short-change the system. He is self-sacrificing, often inconveniencing himself to help the team

3. Volunteering spirit - A leader takes the lead. He has volunteering spirit. He wants to contribute. He wants to make a change.

4. Seeks knowledge - Success is assured if you lead from the point of knowledge. Therefore a leader seeks knowledge to improve processes and procedures and the people who run those processes.

5. Empathy - Great leaders are empathetic. Their empathy makes team members feel they belong to the team. As such they become fiery followers.

6. Humility - Great leaders are humble. They are great yet lowly in spirit.

7. Firm and flexible - Leaders who succeed are firm and flexible. They reward both good and poor performance according to what each deserve.

Leaders who possess these essential leadership traits succeed.

Consequently, when building your organisation's leadership team, be sure to look for folks who possess these leadership attributes. Do not compromise on this.

Successful organisations don't succeed by chance. Their success is traceable to the quality of leadership in the organisation. So, choose your leaders right.

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