Motivation In The Workplace - Simple Stuff That Boost Motivation At Work

motivation in the workplace

When executives think of motivation in the workplace, they usually think in terms of doing big things that cost an awful lot of money. The amount of money required to execute their exotic plan sometimes scare them. And so, they keep paying lip service to employee motivation.

Fortunately, improving motivation at work does not always cost huge amounts. I say that because it is the truth.

To understand what I mean, you have to first understand what employees want. So, what do employees want?

Employees are the same everywhere. They want . . .

  • A good salary
  • Good work conditions
  • Impressive benefits
  • Respect
  • Recognition
  • Growth (or sense of growth)
  • Self-actualization and
  • Job satisfaction

    Items 1 to 3 above are factors referred to as 'hygiene factors' - factors that can cause demotivation if absent but which, when present do not necessarily improve employee morale.

    Items 4 to 6 are called motivators because they actually do boost motivation in the workplace when present.

    These factors have nothing to do with money. They are factors that give the employee a sense of worth. They are like a huge banner that scream out to the employee, "We need you! We cannot do it without you! You are valuable!"

    And because these factors gives your employees a sense of relevance, they cause them to do more. They multiply motivation at work or motivation in the workplace a hundred fold. And they are the essential ingredients that make effective leadership deliver exceptional results.

    Items 4 to 6 lead to item 7 . . . job satisfaction and job enjoyment.

    When you create an environment where your people find fulfillment in the workplace . . . an environment that promote self-actualization and job satisfaction, you groom fiery follows who are passionate about delivering results and ensuring the leadersucceed.

    Now that you understand this, let's discuss simple things you can do to put this knowledge to work for you . . . things that will tremendously boost motivation in the workplace for your organization.

    Simple Things That Improve Motivation At Work

    1. Give Compliments Freely

    Whether people admit it or not, everyone desires compliment especially when they think they have done a good job or when they think they have gone out of their way to do more than is required to keep their jobs. So, give compliments freely - do not hold back saying a kind word to your employees whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    What happens when you neglect to do this simple stuff?

    Simple enough. Your employees will stop expending themselves to do things for the organization. Why should they when you do not appreciate it?

    Want employees to be raving fans and pioneers of the company?

    Well, give them something to work for . . . tell them you appreciate what they're doing. Give them a pat in the back when they surpass their targets or do something innovative, creative, or exceptional.

    I assure you, motivation in the workplace will skyrocket. Your employees will do much more than you ask or expect.

    2. Let Your Employees Know You Believe In Them

    It's important to mention that you should not reserve pleasant comments to employees only when they exceed your expectations. That will be too stringent. And may actually become counter-productive.

    One way to deal with this is to let your employees know you believe in them.

    Faith and confidence in an employee often compels him to work hard not to disappoint you or let you down. So, while an employee or group of employees may not have done something exceptional for which you can compliment them, your expression of belief in their capacity or ability to do much more than you ask can be a huge motivator.

    "We must not let Mr. Kishur down!"

    That statement, invoked by your verbal expression of belief in your team's abilities, can spur them on to outstanding successes.

    3. Give Your People 'Public Recognition'

    Everyone likes to look good in public. Your employees are no exception.

    Can you imagine how proud an employee will be when you call out his name in public to announce his wonderful contribution to the team's impressive result?

    He may chuckle, laugh, smile as the crowd cheer and give them a standing ovation. Best of all, he will conclude in his heart that it pays to work with and for you.

    What is the impact of all of this on other employees watching?

    Your guess is as good as mine.

    In summary, while it is true that some things that improve motivation in the workplace cost money, there are a whole lot of things you can do to improve motivation at work that cost little or nothing.

    All that is required of you as the leader is to show genuine interest in your people and their welfare. And show this through your conduct and actions.

    Value your people and they will go to the ends of the earth for you.

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