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motivational speakers

Motivational speakers are inspirational speakers whose speech and carriage inspires hope. Their words spark a light in listeners. They are fired up for action. Listeners rise up say, "I can do this. I can!"

What keeps people alive is hope. What makes people commit suicide is lack of hope.

A lack of hope is a feeling that there is nothing left to live for. When a person feels that his life is worthless and that he is better off dead, that person has reached a point of ultimate despair. And he can do anything deadly or simply take his own life.

A motivational speaker by his words and illustrations, shows that all is not over. He teaches that even though everything seems fuzzy and hopeless, there is light down the tunnel . . . a silver lining across the deep blue skies.

An inspirational speaker inspires confidence, hope, and faith.

  • He sees executive real estate where others see irreparable wasteland
  • He sees opportunities where others see failure
  • He sees prosperity where others see poverty
  • He sees certainty where others see uncertainty
  • He sees a half-full cup where others see half-empty cup and
  • He sees victory where others see defeat

    An inspirational speaker who knows his onions is indeed an inspiration. He lifts the spirit of depressed souls and helps them see that there is a better way . . . a future worth working and waiting for.

    How can motivational speakers help your team?

    First, you need to recognize that the people in your team have personal and official challenges that weigh down on their minds and that cause them to under-perform. A disturbed or disoriented employee is unlikely to deliver to his full potential.

    Factors that cause employees sleepless nights at home and disillusion at work include . . .

  • Financial crisis resulting from poor financial management
  • Problems with the boss
  • Worries about worth of retirement benefits (for those close to retirement) and life after retirement
  • Feelings of worthlessness because of perception that the organization does not care about employees
  • Problems with the wife

    . . . and several others.

    It's unlikely that you will fire an employee because he has personal challenges. Even if you eventually do, you would have lost a lot of goodwill among his colleagues who may feel that he was not fairly treated.

    What works best is to compile issues that employees face in the workplace and off work and see how the organization can proactively provide training or assistance that improves the employee financial management skills and relationship with colleagues.

    There will be times when you need to employ the services of a motivational speaker. At other times you may invite a consultant to help employees improve their money management capability and investment know-how.

    Bottom line.

    Help your employees to help the organization. Build a motivated, caring workforce by showing that you care about them.

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