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the dream team

The dream team is what every leader desires to have because having that kind of team guarantees the leadership of the organization will meet its targets.

Unfortunately, the dream team doesn't happen by chance. It happens when someone at the top, the leader, consciously works to develop a team of leaders in the organization who love the business and are passionate about winning.

Note that I said, "A team of leaders".

This means that the leadership team must develop leaders at every level of the organization . . . from non-management right through to senior management level.

Again, I use the term "leadership team".

Usually, the leadership team of an organization consists of the CEO and the directors. Each major team groupings also tend to assemble a leadership team of their own.

For example, the supply chain team usually includes the manufacturing team, the logistics team, the project team, and the engineering services team. (The structure may vary in your organization but the principles remain). Each of these teams have a team head. In this case, the team heads for the individual teams and the supply chain director form the supply chain leadership team.

Now, the individual teams have to win for the business to win. And, since a business rises or falls because of leadership, it is important that the CEO develop a structure that recognizes people with the right leadership skills and pool those people together to build the dream team.

The dream team is passionate about winning. For them, good is not good enough. They are passionate about speeding from good to great. And they are not content with mediocre performance.

It will be great to walk into an organization and discover that this kind of team already exist. Unfortunately, in most cases, the new CEO may find that he has a team in his hands that is far from being a dream team. And this is not just about the CEO of the organization.

Wherever you are in an organization, whatever your position, if you lead a team it is likely that your team is less than perfect. So, what do you do? Escape and look for a better team to lead?

That wouldn't be smart.

Your responsibility will be to develop your team through counseling, training and re-training, job rotation, recognition, delegation, disciplinary measures, and more. Do whatever is appropriate in the circumstances peculiar to your situation.

Browse this site, read and understand the principles. It sure will go a long way to help you become the leader that build and sustain great teams. The reward is worth the effort.

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