What Is The Best Way To Secure The Buy-In Of Subordinates?

It is common knowledge that leaders need the buy-in of those they lead to succeed.

But how does a leader obtain the buy-in of subordinates for a concept or vision the leader believes will take the business to the next level?

How should the leader deal with possible resistance to his new idea or concept to avoid a conflict that could cripple his team?

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Oct 11, 2008
How To Secure Employee Involvement And Buy-In
by: Samson

A leader secures the buy-in of his subordinates into his vision by communicating the vision as clear and concise as possible and getting his people involved right from the developmental stages.

Employee involvement is key to obtain employee buy-in.

However, employee involvement usually takes time and slows down decision making.


Well, the teams you constitute need to meet, brainstorm, discuss, and arrive at a decision. This may take several days or even weeks depending on the project. It's usually easier and faster to take all the decisions by yourself or in conjunction with one or two of your colleagues.

This is the reason why many individuals in leadership positions fail to consult and involve their people.

Unfortunately, the crisis of opinion and belief that results from doing it all alone often militate against success. So, while doing it alone may have resulted in faster decision making, it does not result in better performance.

In effect . . . you need your peoples' buy-in to succeed.

It starts with employee involvement.

Set up teams to evaluate the problem and develop practical workable solutions - solutions suited for your kind of environment and business.

Having said that, you may find that even after getting your people involved in the decision making process, there may still be a few who do not buy into the vision. What should you do?

Allow room for diversity.

A few people with difference of opinion will not derail the whole team. When you are able to secure the buy-in of your key people, including the people to execute the project or vision, leave the others. When the results begin to show, they will change their mind or at least give you some credit.

Results don't lie.

People identify with success. Get the buy-in of your people by developing a culture of people involvement. You will get the desired result. And the handfull of opposers will have no choice but to celebrate the team's success.

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