When Should A Manager Issue Query, Warning And Suspension?

When should query, warning, strong warning, and
suspension letters be issued?

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Sep 19, 2008
It Depends On The Circumstances
by: samson

A query is a formal way to demand an explanation for a particular course of action by your subordinate.

Virtually every day in the office, you verbally ask your subordinates to explain one thing or the other.

Sometimes you ask them to explain something in order to understand their line of reasoning. At other times, you ask them in order to help them appreciate why something they did should not have been done the way it was done.

However, written queries to subordinates often comes when the boss is not satisfied with what her subordinate has done.

So, a query is actually a documented evidence that something was done wrong. And a boss often issues this when verbal corrections or discussions have failed to yield the desired result with the subordinate.

For most organizations, a first time query may result in the boss or HR issuing a follow-up warning to the employee after examining her response and her side of the story (fairplay).

An employee is often sent on suspension when she repeats the same offense or commits a grievous one within a short time frame.

A final warning or strong warning is issued when the same employee commits another offense within a short space of time.

Termination results when the employee fails to change and commits yet another offense.

The above is only general guideline.

For example, a first-time offender who commits a serious offense like fraud or stealing from the company can have her appointment terminated or she may earn herself summary dismissal.

Bottom line.

The gravity of the offense determines the degree of punishment issued.

Generally, a first-time offender for a minor offense is issued a warning as documented evidence that management is unhappy with her conduct.

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