Why Do Secretaries Have Affairs With Their Boss?

Why do secretaries leave their primary responsibilities and have affair with their bosses?

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Oct 11, 2008
Bosses And Secretaries - Reasons For Unhealthy Relationships
by: Samson

Secretaries end up having unhealthy love relationships with their bosses for different reasons.

Sometimes secretaries succumb to pressures from deviant bosses for fear of losing their jobs. This kind of situation is prevalent in third world countries where jobs are scarce and where social welfare services are not available for the unemployed.

Consequently, the thought of losing one's job because of refusal to succumb to sexual advances from the boss can be paralysing.

At other times, the secretary may be the one pressuring the boss to have an affair with her.

This kind of situations often arise with ambitious secretaries who want to climb the corporate ladder as fast as possible. Hence, they are prepared to do anything including sleeping with the boss to get that promotion.

For people with this kind of tendency, I will advice them to be careful because sleeping with the boss (or vice versa) is counter productive in the long run.

Businesses grow on the basis of performance. If a non-performer climbs to the top of the corporate ladder by sleeping around, he/she will fail in the end. And if you're a boss who sleeps around with your subordinates, you will lose your job sooner or later because there is no room for sexual misadventure in the workplace.

Your indiscrete behaviour will eventually come to the open and you will be . . . FIRED.

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