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effective time management

Effective time management is crucial to effective business leadership and business success. Want to stay competitive? Manage time effectively.

This is not an exaggeration. The importance of time management cannot be over emphasized because time is a finite commodity. Therefore, it is important that you, the leader, take definite steps to ensure that the people in your team or your organization are conscious about managing time.

First they need to understand the relationship between time management and organizational profitability. When they can see the connection, they will more readily take seriously your efforts at ensuring they manage time effectively.

What is effective time management?

Time management is said to be effective when the goals of the organization are achieved within the stated time frame.

For example, suppose the organization is developing a new product that they intend to launch into the market in April 2009. Assume that preparations and planning for the events started early enough, say, by February 2008.

Suppose market research data shows that the new product line is profitable. Suppose also that all the tasks involved in the new product launch process was listed as follows:

  • product research
  • product design
  • product test-manufacture by R & D
  • quality specifications testing
  • new products panel evaluation and approval
  • 'keep test' under simulated market conditions
  • packaging design
  • packaging design approval
  • regulatory body approval
  • marketing plan design and approval
  • product quality pass
  • product manufacture
  • product launch
  • Suppose all of these tasks were allocated a time frame or time slots. Suppose too that a master schedule showing the time lines for all the tasks/activities in the project was developed and published to all parties involved. Suppose also that accountabilities for each task in the process was assigned to the respective employees responsible for their execution.

    The project - that is the new product launch - will be successful if each member of the project team delivers his part of the project on time according to the published schedule.

    Failure to deliver on time in this case can lead to postponement of the new product launch date by several weeks or several months. And that can hurt the profitability of your organization for the year. And believe me, your boss will not be smiling at you when he tells you the bad news especially if the entire project was delayed because you failed to do your bit well or on time.

    Bottom line.

    Effective time management is essential to moving up the corporate ladder and staying on top as a productive and result-oriented leader.

    In summary, good leadership means effective time management.

    The truth is . . . leadership is tough work.

    The leader has hundreds of competing activities begging for his attention.

  • the business is calling
  • stakeholders are calling
  • your pet project is calling
  • your religious affiliation is calling
  • your club or committee of friends are calling
  • your family is calling

    Being able to balance all of these competing activities and still deliver on the corporate objectives of maximizing profitability without creating corporate social responsibility issues is challenging.

    It all bores down to effective time management.

    Here are some time management tips to help you improve your effectiveness.

    P.S: Is Time Management Wasting Your Time? Many current time management concepts are not able to fulfill the requirements of dynamic work. Leadership management demands critical views on conventional time management solutions in order to improve productivity of both leaders and employees. An innovative dynamic personal prioritizing concept may establish improved ways of individual time management.

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