The Importance Of Time Management

importance of time management

The importance of time management are numerous. That is why time management training is about the hottest selling course amongst consultants. And that is why organizations pay huge sums to engage the services of management and leadership consultants to hone the time management skills of people within the organization.

But wait.

Just how important is time management?

The answer is obvious. Time management is very very important. Why?

Simple. Effective time management means that each individual within the organization gets more done within the same time frame. This translates to . . .

  • greater levels of operational efficiency within the organization
  • reduced waiting time by customers - internal and external
  • greater customer satisfaction
  • increased profitability
  • increased return purchase by satisfied customers
  • greater word of mouth buzz - viral marketing: satisfied customers tell friends who tell friends who tell friends.
  • better incentives for people who work in the organization
  • increased personal effectiveness by the organization's people
  • decreased conflict with customers due to perceived ineffectiveness
  • better relations with individuals and family members of employees due to greater effectiveness on the home front and
  • improved morale due to peace and favour enjoyed at work and at home

    No wonder the leadership of good organizations spend huge sums on time management training!

    The importance of time management cannot be over-emphasized.

    The honest truth is that we all have 24 hours available to us each day. And we have 8 hours - 8 official hours - of work available each day. If you're not careful, that time will pass by quickly without you accomplishing much. And when you have this feeling deep down that you're not accomplishing much, you can get weighed down and distracted by it.

    Worse still, you can have serious problems with your boss. In fact, your problem with your boss can be so serious that your job may be at stake.


    It's pretty obvious.

    When you manage time poorly . . . when you do not deliver on assignments . . . you will be branded "ineffective", "unproductive", or "untrainable". And no competitive organization wants an ineffective worker!

    So . . . you may be shown the way out the door.

    Can you now see the importance of time management?

    Of course, you can.

    Whatever you do, wherever you are, DO NOT waste time.

    Time is a finite resource. It is irreplaceable.

    My advice?

    Learn the rules of effective time management. And . . . succeed.

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